Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is your Home’s Attic in Need of Expert Toronto Insulation Services?

Though winter had just ended and summer is still months away, now is the best time to check your home’s insulation to prepare your household from extreme weathers. Insulation provides solutions to most home problems, from lowering energy bills and providing a more comfortable indoor environment for everyone to preventing the growth of mold and warding off any unwanted noise. In checking your home’s insulation, not a single place should be left out, particularly your attic and garage, for even the smallest crack or hole can cause heat loss by as much as 20 percent. Before going through rooms and walls inside your home, you might want to check first your attic and determine whether it needs attention from expert Toronto insulation services by checking for these signs of poor insulation.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Installing Insulation in Peterborough are Also for Band Rehearsals

Small bands and musicians cannot always rent professional recording studios at their leisure, since most of them are expensive, yet they could always go to their home’s garage and rock their hearts out. However, garages are not exactly an ideal spot for band rehearsals, since the loud music could earn the ire of other family members or, worse, the whole neighbourhood. One of the main concerns of musicians or bands practicing in their garages is to control the level of sound, something that installing insulation in Peterborough can do. How Sound Travels within Rooms Usually, rooms with parallel walls would resonate at specific sound frequencies, and it would be based on its dimensions. This causes resonant frequencies to sound louder than others when music is played in the room.